National Pizza Day is coming up this Friday (February 9th).  The question is...if you are a pizza lover, are you in the perfect city to celebrate it?

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If you ask a dog lover what the perfect dog breed is, they will all give you a different answer because there are so many different types and breeds to choose from.  Do they like big dogs, small dogs, or dogs with no fur?

It's kind of the same thing with pizza.  That's what's so great about it.  There are some who like their crust thin, others who love a deep dish pizza.  There are pizza lovers who can't get enough cheese on top, and then there are some that put fruit on it.  Why they do that, I'm not sure...but they do.

Here in Buffalo, most of our pizzerias make their pizza with thicker, more doughy crusts.  They pile on the cheese and if you take it with pepperoni, it's got to be the kind that cups and chars just on the edges.

So how do you decide where the best city in the country is for pizza?

LawnStarter did a poll to determine where the best cities in the country were for pizza addicts.  They looked at 200 of the country's biggest cities and factored in things like how easy it was to get, how many accolades the pizzerias in that city have gotten, the quality of the pizza itself, how popular it is, and how affordable it is.

Let's just say...Buffalo did not do that well.  We might love our pizza here in Western New York, but that's not to say that people from all over the country would.  We came in 101st on the list!  That's about halfway down.

#1 went to New York City where there's a pizza place on just about every corner.  Their overall score blew just about every other city away.  It was almost double that of every other city in the study.  I have to admit, I do love the whole idea of "if it don't fold, it ain't New York pizza."  When you order a slice in The Big Apple, you get a SLICE!

You can see how they all did by clicking here.

I don't really care what anyone says.  There's nowhere else I'd rather be when it comes to pizza.  Buffalo pizza is where it's at.

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