Being new to the area, I have had a few friends ask me what they could give me as a housewarming gift. It seems like an easy question: “What do you need for your new place?” but it’s hard to answer when you need pretty much everything other than a mattress and some kitchenware. 


Clay & Company asked for your help on our Facebook and Instagram pages to find out what the best housewarming gift really is, and the three of us were all shocked by the responses.


Before the big reveal, I asked Clay Moden and Rob Banks for their guesses as to what the 716 voted to be the best housewarming gift, and Rob thought “booze” would have come in first, but it was actually voted to be the second best housewarming gift.


If “booze” was voted as number two, then what was number one?


By a landslide, you voted “cash” and “gift cards of any kind” to be the number one housewarming gift to give. The main reason being that groceries are a necessity for everyone!


But Clay and Rob did not necessarily agree. In fact, all three of us thought that buying a gift card as a housewarming gift was a little on the lazy side.


Clay finally told me and Rob what he thought was the best housewarming gift — a mini handheld vacuum!


“A dust buster!” Rob stood up for this one, so it’s safe to say he agreed.


Me, on the other hand, only recently learned when I moved into my own place that vacuums are NOT in fact included in your apartment and house upon purchase. (I realize this probably sounds really dumb, but give me a break! I only ever lived in student apartments on my college campus. It was a totally different breed.)


Rob also informed me that houses don’t come with lawn mowers, either, so at least I know not to get my hopes up for that.

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