'Cribs' Is Back... Kinda
I miss MTV Cribs! There is something about looking at peoples' really nice houses that I love. Beach houses, ski chalets...whatever, I'm in! I guess this guy felt the same way and was inspired to show you his daughter's crib.
Shelton Mansion Pics
Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert didn't have a full-time mansion in Nashville, believe it or not. The power couple lived back in Oklahoma and would go to Nashville frequently but always fly back home.
Cozy Living: Man Turns Dumpster Into Home [VIDEO]
Ok, this guy is either brilliant or a bonehead!  In this video, a man has taken a typical dumpster and transformed it into a home.  It has everything you'd need!  I'm not so sure that I'm a fan of where the toilet  Guess you have to ask people to evacuate the home before you use it.  One b…