Winters are long here in Buffalo.  But if you're ready for some summertime fun and not ready to wait for it to warm up an indoor waterpark might be just what you need.

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Are the kids getting a little stir-crazy asking you to open your pool up yet?  It can be tough as a little kid when you know that summer is right around the corner but you have to wait for it to get warm enough to swim.  That's why indoor water parks are so great.  They're everything you want from summer, but you can do it year-round.

The great news is that if you're from Buffalo, you don't have to drive very far to get to one in almost any direction that you head out.  Within just a couple of hours you could be at a vacation destination without paying the prices you would have to pay to be at a luxury resort.

Now, let's not sugarcoat it too much.  It's not the same as staying at a luxury resort, but they do everything they can to give you a tropical-feeling vacation at a (hopefully) much lower price.  If you're looking for white sand beaches though, you're going to have to go where there is white sand.

Many of these places have hotels attached right to them too so you don't even have to leave the building to get from your room to the waterpark.  It's temperature controlled and once you get to the hotel, you really never have to leave.

Here are some of the best ones that are within about a 2 hour drive from Buffalo.

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