Valentine's Day is coming up next week and if you wanted to make some last minute travel plans for you and your sweetheart, one of the Top 10 places to celebrate Valentine's Day is only about a 7 hour drive away.  The personal finance website WalletHub has put together a list of places to celebrate one of the year's most romantic days.

To arrive at their findings WalletHub used a number of factors and categories.

  • Cost - meals, beverages, movie tickets, hotel stays.
  • Attractions - restaurants, activities, nightlife.
  • Gift Accessibility - jewelry stores, candy shops, florist shops, greeting card stores.
  • Weather - typical forecast and temperature on Valentine's Day

When they put all those factors together San Francisco, California by a wide margin turned out to be the best place in the country to celebrate Valentine's Day.  New York City came in at #6.

Buffalo did make the Top 100 at #85. Oddly, Buffalo's budget score brought the final score way down.  Even Anchorage, Alaska placed higher than Buffalo coming in at #30.

Here is the complete WalletHub report -

Source: WalletHub

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