Buffalo was woken up early on Monday by a 3.8-magnitude earthquake.  But while you were looking for what happened, people were tweeting some hilarious stuff.

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We lucked out.  The earthquake that took place in Western New York wasn't serious.  But after the year that we just had, it's nice to be able to make it through something like that and still be able to laugh about it a little.

Yesterday, Buffalo was woken up just after 6:15 am by an earthquake.  Yes. Now, in addition to crazy snowstorms and blizzards, we get earthquakes here too.  Many people described it as sounding like something that hit their house, or what you would imagine it sounding like if a bomb went off.

I slept right through it.  The only thing that woke me up was my phone blowing up with all my friends texting "did you feel the earthquake?!?"  Other people in my house felt it.  I just didn't.

Sure, people who live out in California or other areas that often get hit by earthquakes are probably looking at our 3.8-magnitude earthquake and laughing at us.  And who could blame them?  It's the same thing we do anytime someone in the south gets a little ice or anything over 2 inches of snow and the whole town shuts down.

But I would prefer to laugh at ourselves.  Luckily we can do that.  Aside from some damage caused by a chimney falling on a car, it doesn't appear as if there was too much more seriousness to it.

So if your immediate reaction was to look for real answers to what happened, I hope you didn't go to Twitter...like I did.  But if you did, you might have caught some of these incredible tweets of people's immediate reactions to being shook out of bed by an earthquake in Buffalo.





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