People will not remember all the details of your wedding.  But one thing they will remember is how good (or bad) the food was.

Feeding around 300 people at the same time can be tough.  But that's the job that caterers take on when they agree to cater a wedding.  How do they deliver a meal that is delicious and on time to so many people all at once?

Normally, the answer, is experience.  They know when the food should go out, and how long they can keep it warm before your chicken tastes more like leather than the delicious entree that you tasted before you hired them.

It's an incredible gift when a family member offers to step up and "do the food for your wedding."  But it can also be an incredible burden to them and a disaster for your guests.  Family members have other things to think about on your wedding day.  They want to be there for you and be present in all the things that are going to happen.  If they're worried about making and serving food, they won't be able to be there for you like they would like.

Now, of course if you're getting married at a venue that is a full time restaurant, or one that makes their own food, you don't have to worry about also hiring a caterer.  But if you're having a backyard wedding, or one where they don't have their own kitchen staff (like a fire hall or club) then you'll need to make sure you can get a great caterer that knows how to do all this.

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