For years, we have warned people not to buy tickets from secondary markets.  In this case it's true, even if they claim to be the headliner...

I received an email about a twitter handle that was claiming to be our headliner from the WYRK Toyota Taste of Country from a listener who would like to remain anonymous.  The listener says that the scammer claimed to be Thomas Rhett and offered to sell her a VIP experience to meet him at our Toyota Taste of Country in Buffalo.

The handle is @ThomarsRhett.  It's pretty close so if you were a little excited to get a message from Rhett himself, it would be easy to overlook.

Luckily, this listener was smart enough to realize that they shouldn't send money for something like this and that it could be a scam.  The part that's a shame is that not everyone is as quick to see and may realize too late that they've made a mistake.

We want to thank this listener for bringing it to our attention and warn everyone that these scams are out there.  Please share this with your friends and be aware.  There's a good chance that this twitter page will disappear if no one bites on it.  But another will come up.  NEVER buy tickets from someone in the secondary market.

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