You read that headline correctly. Among all of the names that have been tossed around as potential replacements for the field in Orchard Park soon to be formerly known as New Era Field, a toilet/ bidet company has also entered.

I thought it may have been a joke, However, I was sent the following email that says, in part;

 TUSHY – a provider of bidet attachments that transforms any traditional toilet into a booty wonderland – has announced a bid of up to $12,500,000 for naming rights to the stadium.

That's correct! TUSHY!

A formal letter was also attached. The news broke mid afternoon on Wednesday and it took over Twitter and even made our County Executive pretty upset.

2020 has been one of the biggest years for change in American history and right here at home in Erie County. Not only will there be no fans allowed until further notice in stadiums in New York, there are even concerns that football will be played at all?
As schools try to figure out what they will do this upcoming school year, the Buffalo Bills will not only have to wait for name for their stadium, they will have to play without the Bills Mafia!
Many great local companies have the funds to place their name on the stadium. However, until we get something official, it is entertaining to see which companies will try to get their 15 minutes of "faming rights"!

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