The recent cell service outage here in New York State caused a bit of a panic as many people thought the worst. Thankfully, it was not caused by anything other than an upgrade error that AT&T said was their fault. Customers will be receiving a credit of at least $5 on their next bill.

But the outage did bring back fears about a cyber attack or hack from an outside country or even cyber criminals here in the United States. How prepared are we for for a major outage or other form of technical or cyber attack?

New York State is getting millions of dollars in Federal grant money that will be put to use in multiple places across The Empire State.

According to the press release from NY, $6 million in will help expand access to cybersecurity information, tools, resources, and services so local municipalities have access to the most sophisticated cyber defenses.

Given the funding available, New York will use its economy of scale purchasing power to directly procure and deliver best-in-brand software, hardware, and services to eligible entities.

AT&T has issued a written apology for the issue and will send out around $5 within two billing cycles.

To help make it right, we’re reaching out to potentially impacted customers and we’re proactively applying a credit* to their accounts. We want to reassure our customers of our commitment to reliably connect them – anytime and anywhere. We're crediting them for the average cost of a full day of service.

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