This is a playoff team?  Hardly.  From start to finish, in every department, what an awful season opening game for the Buffalo Bills and the biggest culprit is the guy they're depending on the most, Ryan Fitzpatrick.  Here's a veteran quarterback who looked like a rookie with bad decision that turned into three New York Jets interceptions, one of them returned for a touchdown in the Jets convincing 48-28 victory.

You can't say Fitzpatrick didn't have time to throw.  The offensive line didn't allow a sack, but there were times when Fitz looked confused and indecisive and that's not a whole lot different from the way the offense looked in training camp and during the preseason.  There didn't seem to be any chemistry between Fitzpatrick and his receivers and there still doesn't.  Yeah, he did end up with three touchdown passes, but the game was already decided by then.

How about the defense?  Even with the addition of high-priced free agent Mario Williams the Bills didn't look a whole lot different from last year.  And what did that huge salary bring to the table against the Jets?  One tackle.  The closest Williams got to Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez was when they shook hands after the game.

How about the Bills' special teams?  Nothing special there either, giving up a 68-yard punt return for a touchdown.

As a bonus, the Bills also lost a key player, running back Fred Jackson was injured in the first quarter and didn't return.  It was initially diagnosed as a sprained knee.  Receiver David Nelson was also injured later in the game and didn't return.

One bright spot - running back C-J Spiller.  He ran for 169 yards on 14 carries including a touchdown and was stopped just short of another one on a long run.

The Bills have plenty of work to do before their home opener against Kansas City next Sunday.