Social media has been a game changer in the world of sports. You now know what your favorite professional athletes are saying and thinking at any given moment, assuming they're active on social media.

Buffalo Bills wide receiver/kick returner Isaiah McKenzie is one of the most active on social media. He tweets anything that he is thinking and if you were on Twitter yesterday, you may have saw McKenzie ask for Buffalo to help him get a Waffle House to the 716.

It seems like McKenzie has support from Bills teammates.

Wide receiver Gabriel Davis supports McKenzie in trying to get a Waffle House to Buffalo.

Stefon Diggs sounds like he supports McKenzie, but he still says McKenzie owes him $200,000, so he says this Waffle House money McKenzie is ponying up is actually his money.

Buffalo does not have any Waffle Houses, but I would not rule out one coming in the future. I don't think McKenzie is kidding or joking around. I truly think he is trying to bring one to Buffalo.

He owns a BBQ restaurant in Florida and I know he has the means to get a Waffle House to Buffalo. I would love to see a location in Western New York. They're not very big though, so imagine how packed that place would get when it first opened here?

Now, let's also work on Bojangles, Cook Out, Hardee's and Shake Shack.

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