By now, you probably know that the Buffalo Bills lost a heartbreaker on Sunday afternoon.

The Bills blew a 17-point lead to the Minnesota Vikings at Highmark Stadium, losing 33-30 in what was the best regular season game of the NFL year; at least the ending was.

The Bills and Vikings seemingly had the game won three or four times each, but then the other team pulled a rabbit out of its hat. It was truly a sight to behold if you were in the stadium.

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The Bills didn't really play a poor game. They played well for the first three quarters, but then questionable play-calling and crucial turnovers and errors caused them to eventually lose the game in overtime.

Bills quarterback Josh Allen had two turnovers that helped lose the Bills the game. The fumble inside the Bills own 1-yard-line on a QB sneak and then the game-sealing interception in OT.

Gabe Davis' catch near the end of regulation should not have counted, as the Senior VP of Officiating for the NFL, Walt Anderson, said after the game.

But the Bills also should have been flagged for what ended up being a big play in overtime.

Vikings head coach Kevin O'Connell was not happy that the Bills had 12 players on the field, which just so happened to be the play where the Bills stopped Minnesota running back Dalvin Cook for a 3-yard loss, which helped force a Vikings field goal.

I'm not sure how on earth the officials missed this call. Like O'Connell said, the game was moving very fast at that point, but this is inexcusable.

If the Bills had won this game, between the missed 12-men call and the Gabe Davis catch, the NFL would have been dealing with a firestorm from the Vikings and their fanbase.

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