There are absolutely no fans going into Bills Stadium to watch any Buffalo Bills games.

But, that has not stopped the Bills from giving the players the most of their game-day experience. The team entrances to the stadium running through the tunnel and smoke, the play by play in-stadium announcements are all part of the game day process even though there are no fans.

Billy Buffalo has also been the only guy being able to watch in the seats. You probably get a glimpse of him behind the field goal as Tyler Bass knocks one through the upright. Now....take a look at this! Billy Buffalo was dressed up as Buddy the Elf on Sunday night during the primetime game against the Steelers.

Do you think under that mascot suit, someone is saying “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.” LOL

Did you know that Billy Buffalo may not have been Billy Buffalo has the Bills been called something different? Maybe if the Bills were not the Bills they would be something ELSE. There was a contest way back in the 40s when Buffalo was just getting a football team together and the owners asked the fans to come up with name suggestions. Here are what the four finalist names were.

Here were four of the submissions:

Buffalo Bullets
Buffalo Nickels
Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Blue Devils

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