You don't want to get Blake Shelton riled up. After a little too much ribbing from his friend and fellow 'The Voice' coach Adam Levine, Shelton did the unthinkable: he tweeted Levine's phone number.

That's right. Over six million of Shelton's Twitter followers received the Maroon 5 frontman's phone number, along with anyone else in America who hopped on over to the 'Boys 'Round Here' hitmaker's page to nab the superstar's digits.

The friendly banter turned into fire an hour before 'The Voice' on Monday (April 28). Levine announced to his Twitter followers, "I'm seriously amazed at @blakeshelton's stupidity…"

In response, Shelton joked, "I just found the craziest thing in my phone!!! Your PERSONAL cell phone number… hope I'm not stupid enough to tweet it out."

Then he added, "Ya'll! @adamlevine doesn't think I will actually tweet out his personal cell number… he's flirting with danger….

Obviously, Levine really didn't think his buddy would give out his digits, calmly countering, "@blakeshelton your threats are so cute."

And then:

Now, the ball is definitely in Levine's court, and their competition just got even hotter. The two stars have always had an intense yet friendly rivalry, but it hasn't ever included personal contact information.

Taste of Country dialed the number on Tuesday morning and got a half-ring and a dialtone indicating it's been disconnected. 'The Voice' host Carson Daly confirmed as much to Today, adding that the number was indeed Levine's. Shakira -- who says she'd "hang him" if Shelton did the same to her -- adds that Shelton can expect some sort of revenge.

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