Let’s be kind and rewind back to the days when we were planning which video we were going to rent this weekend at Blockbuster Video. 

It’s been almost a decade since Buffalo movie-lovers stepped foot inside a Blockbuster Video.

In today’s day and age where we have to explain to our kids how we used to be able to watch any movie we wanted to at home because they would send it through the mail (?!), it sounds archaic to have to get in the car, drive to a brick and mortar store, and grab a movie off of a shelf to borrow. Oh - and make sure it’s brought back by its due date on the dot, because ouch - those late fees hurt. 

The judgment from Gen Z doesn’t matter. They’ll never understand how intense the arguments were between your friends and siblings over which movie to get. The temptation to buy the over-priced and oversized candy at the register (along with the sadness of Mom telling you “No” after begging). The disappointment if the latest movie release you had your heart set on was already all rented out. Now, in 2022, we can literally push a button on our remote, scroll through dozens of streaming options, and watch any movie or TV show we can possibly think of without a second thought.

Convenient? Sure. But a part of us is a little blue thinking back on those days - because nothing will ever be like a trip to Blockbuster Video again.

Once Blockbuster Video started to close up shop in Western New York around 2008/2009, those buildings that were once heaven started to get torn down or taken over by other area businesses. What’s standing in the places where Blockbuster Video used to reside in the Buffalo area?

What Did Blockbuster Videos Stores Become In Western New York

See what's now standing in place of our former movie meccas...

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