Governor Cuomo announced the news all Major League Baseball fans in Buffalo were waiting to hear -- just how many people will be allowed into Sahlen Field this summer to watch the Toronto Blue Jays play.

Earlier this morning during a press conference at the ballpark, the governor announced two distinct seating arrangements for ticket sales.

Separating the Vaccinated from Unvaccinated Fans

According to WIVB, there will be two sections for fans -- vaccinated and unvaccinated.

It's unclear if kids who aren't yet eligible for vaccinations will be permitted to sit with their vaccinated guardians.

The first game is set for June 1 versus the Florida Marlins, and when the Blue Jays take the field, one side of the ballpark will look a lot different from the other.

The seating availability will be split 50-50 according to distance, but fewer fans will be seated in the unvaccinated section in order to maintain the recommended 6-feet to properly social distance.

In the vaccinated section, you should feel free to high-five as you did in before the pandemic.

The Major League Baseball team called Sahlen Field home last year, due to international border closures resulting from the coronavirus pandemic.

Restrictions at the border remain, as Canada and the province of Ontario works to decrease COVID infection numbers, and increase numbers of vaccinated people.

Earlier today during a press conference at Sahlen Field in Buffalo, Governor Cuomo was optimistic about a full reopening of New York State's beaches and public swimming pools by mid-summer.

Increased Vaccinations, Less COVID-19 Hospitalizations

Cuomo was optimistic about the rates of vaccination among New Yorkers and the declining numbers of COVID-19 infections.

Open by Memorial Day (With Restrictions)

The governor has announced that New York State beaches and swimming pools will be open in time for the Memorial Day holiday later this month. However, people are expected to still maintain 6-foot social distancing.

The End of Social Distancing (Eventually)

Cuomo said it is his hope to have the state's public swimming areas, such as pools and beaches, open without any distancing restrictions by July 4.

Current COVID Numbers

Overall, New York State has a 1.1 percent COVID-19 positive rate, and there were 26 deaths from COVID-19 in New York yesterday.

The positivity rate for Western New York is the second-highest in the state, at 2.2 percent. The Finger Lakes region is the highest, at 2.78 percent.


According to Governor Cuomo, this week's state-wide average of positive COVID cases was the lowest it's been since October 23.

The state has given 17 million COVID vaccinations so far, and approximately 50 percent of eligible New Yorkers have been fully vaccinated, and over 60% are partially vaccinated (and awaiting their second doses).

Governor Cuomo said the next push to get more New Yorkers vaccinated will among the young.


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