What a great summer we are having! Open up any social media and you will no doubt see a great deal of pictures of people having fun this summer. The last two summers have been bummers with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing things to be canceled or postponed. But the masks have come off and the regulations and restrictions have been lifted in most of New York State and it is great to see all of the smiling faces and people gathering together.

The worst part of the pandemic may have been the pause of some great traditions. Whether it's a family or community tradition, the summer is not the same without them and the last two years left us feeling cheated or unfulfilled. But this past weekend, there was a great summer tradition back on Lime Lake.

A WYRK listener sent over some of these great photos from the Lime Lake boat parade. This looks like so much fun and the weather this past Saturday was perfect for being on the water.

Boat Parade On Lime Lake

The rain has arrived and although it will be a one day event most likely, we need it! The ground was cracking open in many parts of Western New York and the lakes like Lime Lake were also seeing a big drop in water level. Most summers are hot and dry but this one seems a tad worse with the way the wind has added to the drought conditions. Happy to see the rain and looking forward to more outdoor traditions!

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