Going on vacation soon?  If you're flying, which drinks will you be able to count on having on the plane, and which ones might be sold out?

It's not uncommon for people to feel the need to have an alcoholic beverage before taking to the sky on a trip somewhere.  It's also understandable.  You're thousands of feet above the ground and you're moving at around 500 miles per hour.  It can be scary and a drink can help to take the edge off a little.

What are the most popular drinks on a plane?

Most planes don't have a full bar on them with top-shelf liquor (at least the planes that I go on don't serve that) so we aren't going to be very particular here.  But if you were to order a drink on a plane, what would you order?

A site named Upgraded Points did a survey to see how people take their plane beverages and the most popular were vodka and whiskey drinks.  Both of those drinks were chosen by people in 11 states.  Then in order it went wine, mimosas, bloody mary's, and seltzers.

Were there any other drinks included?

Actually, the most popular drink on a plane wasn't even an alcoholic one.  It was water!  That was followed closely by Coke.  It was weird that beer wasn't the top choice for people in any state.

What's the most popular drink on a plane from New Yorkers?

According to this study, New Yorkers are sophisticated drinkers.  Their choice for sky beverages was white wine.


For more on the study and to check out the favorite snack in the sky, click here.

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