Brad Paisley was forced to open up his wallet to fellow 'Rising Star' judge Ludacris after losing a bet -- he had to pay up in the form of a really expensive bottle of cognac.

Although it's unclear what the bet was actually about, two things are very clear: the country star lost, and he had to shell out some big bucks to keep up his end of the deal. Paisley shared a video on Instagram with his fans, warning them, "Don't make bets with rappers. They're very expensive."

In the clip, the camera pans to the famous red box, with Louis XIII de Rémy Martin looking beautiful and very expensive in its sparkling glass decanter. After a few angles of the costly prize, the video shows Ludacris, who jokes, "Man, you better not have poured Hennessy in this thing."

The cognac Paisley bought for the rapper runs for $2,100 -- but he got off easy. The alcohol can run up to $44,000!

Yikes! That would have been a pretty brutal loss.

According to Paisley's tweet on Saturday, Ludacris was supposed to wear the country star's cowboy hat on 'Rising Star' if he were to lose. "If you ever see @ludacris wearing my cowboy hat on @RisingStarABC you will know he lost the bet I made with him," said the singer. It seems Paisley's winnings would have been less expensive, but possibly more humbling.

The 'Whiskey Lullaby' singer is currently the judge on ABC's new show 'Rising Star,' along with the rapper and pop singer Kesha. In addition to his time on the small screen, Paisley is working on a forthcoming new album called 'Moonshine in the Trunk,' which streets Aug. 26.

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