Brantley Gilbert jumped at the opportunity to shoot a new music video for his song 'More Than Miles' on the outskirts of downtown Nashville last month. The shoot took place across several location on the east side of town, including the Hard Times Bar and Grill, a convenience store across the street and an old motel nearby.

While shooting videos is nothing new for the singer, acting -- which he tried while filming -- definitely is. Gilbert did some in his 'My Kinda Crazy' video a couple of years back, but the 'More Than Miles' video is the first time he's stepped up to the plate in the dramatics of being a heartbroken, down-on-his-luck guy who looking to drown his sorrows any way he can.

"Everything is going great today," Gilbert told Taste of Country on set in between takes. "I thought I was going to be able to sleep in a little bit this morning, but that wasn't the case. We've been running around like a bunch of chickens with our heads cut off. I think everything's turning out real well, though ... we're having a good time!"

The video concept mirrors the song's storyline, allowing Gilbert to dig up all of the old memories and feelings he had back when he wrote the tune with John Eddie. "[It's about] the whole scenario of heading to Nashville, and the battle between Nashville and Georgia," he explained while taking a break on his tour bus.

Gilbert's BG Nation will get added bonus while watching the video, as it features cameos by the singer's band, as well as his little brother. "My band's performing in there [as the bar band], playing along with the song and I'm kind of singing it, but I'm at the bar and they're on the stage," notes the singer. "This joint is kind of like some of the joints we played back in the day at that point in my career when we wrote the song. It's kind of like a flashback … like an inside story, I guess."

And what's a dive bar without a little brawl? The video has that, too! "Brian Davis is actually the guy I have a conflict with inside the bar," reveals Gilbert. "He’s a co-writing buddy of mine, and he might as well be part of the family. He rode my bus the whole leg of the [Hell on Wheels] tour. He played the first opening slot. We wrote every day, all day. Brian and I write a lot. It’s kind of cool having him in the video."

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