With the release of The Devil Don't Sleep, Brantley Gilbert proved that he is one of country music's most prolific songwriters. The singer wrote or co-wrote every one of the 16 tracks on his fourth studio album, bringing a raw honesty and new layer of depth to his discography. Click play on the exclusive video above to hear Gilbert talk to The Boot about his inspiration for his newest record.

At the heart of The Devil Don't Sleep is the album's title track, which Gilbert wrote as a commentary on his own journey in and out of addiction. Written with Michael Delaney and Sean McConnell, "The Devil Don't Sleep" is, in many ways, the core of the project, even though it was written after many of its other songs had already been recorded.

"I didn’t have that song and then build a record around it," Gilbert tells The Boot. "We wrote a record, we told the story [we wanted to tell]. And I kept thinking, 'Man, this is a real positive record -- there's a lot positive going on here!'"

Gilbert laughs when he thinks of writing a mostly positive album, but he does note that over the past few years, since 2014's Just as I Am, he's hit some high notes: Not only did that album reach No. 1 on the country charts and lead to Gilbert's own headlining tour as well as a stint on Kenny Chesney's The Big Revival Tour, Gilbert also married his longtime love, Amber Cochran. The Georgia schoolteacher has inspired many of Gilbert's songs, including hits such as "You Don't Know Her Like I Do" and "More Than Miles."

Still, Gilbert knew that he wanted to acknowledge the valleys of his life just as much as the peaks. The singer has been open about his past addictions and knew that his latest album wouldn't be totally honest if it didn't talk about his struggles alongside all the positive. That's where "The Devil Don't Sleep" came in; Gilbert says that the song encompasses everything he wanted to say about his inner demons.

“In my personal life as a man, on a daily basis, where I’m at in my life right now, I have to be vigilant towards myself," Gilbert tells The Boot. "I’ve always been my own worst enemy, so I have to keep my head on a swivel … There’s a devil on my shoulder, always. Thank God, God blessed me with a bunch of angels on [the other one] and all around me.

"It’s just making sure that I’m conscious that that’s there," Gilbert adds. "Whatever your devil is … whatever you’re vice is, just know it’s there. Acknowledge it so you can beat it."

The Devil Don’t Sleep is available for download on iTunes. Gilbert is promoting his new album out on the road with his 2017 The Devil Don’t Sleep Tour; for more information and to purchase tickets, check out Gilbert’s official website.

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