A post on Buffalo’s subreddit is blowing up - but all may not be what it seems. 

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New mothers everywhere have faced the dilemma of needing to pump at inconvenient times. In their cars, at the mall, at a restaurant, and at work. It’s annoying, uncomfortable, and a real pain to find a place where you can have some privacy for at least 20 minutes - but what can you do? It’s super painful to put it off - not to mention the chance of having a leak “incident” (don’t worry ladies - it’s happened to everyone).

Was This Woman Fired For Pumping At Work?

One woman is claiming on social media that she was fired from her place of employment in Buffalo for needing to take breaks to pump.

She recently wrote in a social media post that approximately two weeks ago, she was told by her manager that her frequent breaks to pump were an inconvenience to them. She added there was a witness to the conversation who chimed in that denying her breaks to pump was illegal. Two weeks after the confrontation, the woman who wrote the post claims she was let go without reasoning or explanation.


She went on to criticize the business, The Barrel Factory, a brewery and spirit room located at 65 Vandalia Street, for their unprofessionalism and encouraged readers not to support the business. 

Many responses to the Reddit thread were filled with concern and outrage, encouraging her to get a lawyer.

The Barrel Factory Responds To The Allegations

However, the owner of the business has since responded, telling a completely different side of the story. The President of The Barrel Factory, Andrea Bystran, stated that this employee was NOT fired for taking breaks to pump, adding that employees can be terminated for a variety of reasons - such as a poor attitude, customer complaints, or skill level.

She added,

"It’s hard enough to find employees, we wouldn’t terminate someone for something we strongly support and believe in. We are a Women-owned Business. Women hold the majority of leadership positions at this company. We breastfed our own children. We WOULD NOT and DID NOT terminate an employee for this reason."


According to the New York State Department of Labor, employers can’t discriminate against breastfeeding or pumping mothers for doing so while at work for three years after the birth of their baby. 

So if what this woman posted is true, The Barrel Factory could be in big trouble. However, if the owner’s side of the story is to be believed, then this could just be a case of a disgruntled employee lashing out against her former employer on the Internet.

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