In February, New Jersey-born rapper Breland made headlines and earned a bit of airplay with "My Truck," a lighthearted, goofy-but-catchy country-trap track some billed as the next "Old Town Road."

While Breland's song hasn't become quite as ubiquitous (yet?) or earned a spot on, then gotten booted from, the country charts, he's certainly pulling a page out of Lil Nas X's playbook with a new remix of the song. Released Friday (April 24), the revamped version of "My Truck" finds its Billy Ray Cyrus-style starpower in genre-bending Sam Hunt.

Hunt earns a writing credit on the "My Truck" remix, along with Breland, Troy Taylor, Kalvin Austin, Devon Barton, Edrick Miles and Tatiana Zeigler. In place of Breland's original verses, Hunt delivers his own half-sung, half-rapped lines about his own beloved ride: "AC busted and the floorboard's rusted / With a little bit of lovin', it’ll fire right up / Paid eight for it, woulda gave eight more / I wouldn’t trade that sucker for a million bucks ..."

Hunt handles half of the original bridge — "Tell them boys come and get me / I be riding through the city / Young, rich and I’m pretty / Homie, don’t get it twisted" — before Breland comes in in an exceptional falsetto. Both men clearly know you don't mess with a good thing, which is why the song's chorus remains intact.

"You can drink my liquor / You can call my lady / You can take my money / You can smoke my blunt," Breland sings. "Scuff these Jordans / You can say you hate me / You can call me crazy but / Don’t touch my truck."

Breland — who goes by his last name (first name: Daniel) and is nicknamed "The Pen Point Guard" — has been writing songs since he was a teenager, inspired by gospel, R&B and country music. In an interview with the Tab, Breland shares that he comes from a musical family: His parents and older sister are singers, and he grew up singing at church and performing in school musicals.

Now in his mid-20s and based in Atlanta, Breland turned down a spot at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts’ Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music to attend Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., and began working as a songwriter for Atlantic Records after graduation. The buzz around "My Truck," which he self-released after posting on social media, earned him an artist deal with Bad Realm/Atlantic Records.

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