Victoria's Secret model Rachel Hilbert co-stars in Brett Eldredge's just released "Lose My Mind" music video. He admits he was pretty excited when she signed on, but more excited when the steamy kissing scenes proved to be anything but awkward.

Hilbert and Eldredge got to know each other before being asked to lock hips lips. When the singer shot the video for "Don't Ya," he tells Taste of Country, he had to lock lips with his costar as soon as they met.

“When you have a kissing scene, and there are some hot and steamy scenes in this video, it’s all about the relationship you have that with person, even if you just met ‘em," Eldredge says. The end scenes are the ones he jokes that his mom had to close her eyes for.

“There’s one part where she shoves me on the desk ... and I was literally knocking stuff out of the way and breaking people’s picture frames and stuff. Whatever," he says, "It’s part of the job.”

Not a bad day at the office for this 29-year-old with three straight No. 1 hits. Hilbert's addition to the "Lose My Mind" video came quickly. She literally agreed to do it one day, and was on the set in a white nurse's outfit the next. The teenage boy within Eldredge was pretty pumped up about it, and he admits he did some "research" on her before showing up.

"Lose My Mind" is the first single from Eldredge's much-anticipated new album. The "Beat of the Music" singer says releasing the new song and seeing so many positive reviews was a relief. He'll read the tweets and comments from haters, but didn't find many to bring him down. Now five singles in, he's beginning to develop a signature style that fans can rely on.

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“I think when you get some hits under your belt and people start knowing who you are as an artist, you get that momentum, and momentum is a beautiful thing.”

Still, he doesn't want to rest on expectations. Several songs on the upcoming album introduce his soul and blues influences, something he set out to do. "Lose My Mind" is one of them.

“Now my job is to grow as an artist and stay inspired, but also use this opportunity to get my music out to even more people," Eldredge insists.

As for the women in his videos ... if you're counting, Eldredge has featured two brunettes and two blondes thus far. He's not hating on redheads, however.

“I’ve got a song from my next album that may end up being a single and it definitely may lean toward some ginger love,” he assures.

“My first girlfriend was a redhead."

Watch Brett Eldredge's "Lose My Mind" Video