My good friend Brian was able to attend the Brothers Of The Sun concert in Boston on Saturday. The show was held at Gillette Stadium and featured Grace Potter, Jake Owen, Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney. 

Many people were hoping this show would come to Buffalo, but for some reason it did not. That's why a lot of my friends traveled to different cities to catch the tour. From what everyone has told me, this was totally worth the money and travel time to see. I have not talked to one person who was disappointed with these concerts.

Brian said that the Boston concert was amazing. Grace Potter came out and rocked it. He said jake Owen looked like he was having the time of his life up on stage. Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney also put in flawless performances on Saturday night. Brian told me it was one of the best concerts he has ever been to and he has been to quite a few shows over the years.

I wanted to share this photo of  Tim McGraw from the show on Saturday. Too bad this tour did not stop in Buffalo. Maybe next time.......