What sad news to read. A Buffalo icon has passed away.

You may not have known his name, but you knew that every time you were going down on Allentown, you would see the bubbles. The Buffalo Allentown Bubble Man has died.

You just expected the bubbles. It was a thing. Bubble man was a Buffalo 'thing', you know?

If you have no idea what I am talking about. There is a man named Charles 'Chuck' Incorvaia. He is the Allentown Bubble Man and he lives in the building, three stories up on the corner of Allentown and Elmwood and he would, on a calm day, be blowing bubbles out of his machine out his opened window and they would fill the intersection and people walked below.

Chuck "The Buffalo Allentown Bubble Man" Incorvaia became such a staple of the Buffalo Elmwood scene. He passed away at the age of 75 years old after battling a long illness according to our friends Jim Steak Out which is on the opposite corner from where Chuck lived. He is survived by his son Christopher.

You can even see his fan that would blow the bubbles out of the window in Google Maps. I mean, it obviously had to be there, it never really left the window.

The Allentown Bubble Guy was a staple of Buffalo and will surely be missed. Will anyone ever take his place? I am not sure that anyone every could, but maybe down the road there will be someone who can carry on the legacy of bringing all that joy to Buffalo. I am sure that the Elmwood and Allentown bars and restaurants will be doing something in his honor this weekend.

Our sincerest thoughts and prayers to Chuck's son and all of his entire friends and family.

Google Maps
Google Maps

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