Yesterday was a beautiful day in Western New York.  Something that people thought they'd never see again in Allentown was back in the air.

For years and years people would see bubbles floating around Allentown here in Buffalo because of a man named Charles 'Chuck' Incorvaia.  Chuck was known as "The Bubble Man" here because he would sit at the intersection of Allen and Elmwood over the Jim's Steakout location and blow bubbles all day long.  The bubbles would fill the intersection and people seemed to love it.

Sadly, Chuck passed away back in January and people thought the bubbles would have come to an end.  But yesterday, on what was one of the nicest days this spring...they were back.

It's something that would always make people smile.

The answer is that he wanted to make people smile and make the world a better place...even if it was just in the littlest way.  Chuck will always be remembered for his bubbles and the happiness that he gave to people.  What will you be remembered for?  What is the part of you that will continue on after you're gone?

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