This Friday, Albany, New York is transforming into Banditland.

The reigning NLL champion Buffalo Bandits will be traveling east down the 90 to New York State’s Capital District for the first in a potential three game final series against the Albany FireWolves, the winner of which will claim the 2024 NLL title. 

Bandits fans know how to travel, and there’s no question which team will be cheered for the loudest inside MVP Arena on May 17th–  including, apparently, their opponents. 

But the FireWolves can’t be surprised. There’s a lot on the line here for the Bandits, including a repeat championship and their 6th title in franchise history; so of course, fans here in the 716 are going to migrate en masse to the 518 to show their support for their beloved team. 

What Buffalo Bandits Fans Need To Know About Albany

As a Bandits fan who lives in Buffalo but was born and raised in the Capital Region, I have a warning I’d like to heed to all of my fellow Banditland residents who are making the trip to Albany for the game on Friday…


Albany rules. 

I’m serious! Within steps of MVP Arena, there is so much to see and do, no matter what you’re into. 

Want to make a day of it and check out one (or many) of the amazing historical sites minutes from the arena? There are perfect places to do just that. 

Then again, if you’d rather eat some amazing food and pound a few drinks before or after chanting “Let’s Go Bandits!” for a few hours, we’ve got the best spots to do that, too. 

And, because it’s Albany, there are even places where you can accomplish both. It’s cool like that. 

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10 Things To Do In Albany Before Or After The Buffalo Bandits Game

Whether you’re headed to Albany with your family in tow or with your college lacrosse buddies, here are ten spots minutes away from MVP Arena you need to hit up before or after the Buffalo Bandits take on the Albany FireWolves on Friday. 

10 Things For Buffalo Bandits Fans To Do In Albany

Are you heading to Albany for the Buffalo Bandits game? Here are 10 places you need to know about that are a guaranteed good time.

Gallery Credit: Yelp/Megan Carter

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