If you need something more to get excited about this weekend, Buffalo Beer Week starts on Friday!  Also, the week is 10 days long.

Yup, it's called Buffalo Beer Week but it will be celebrated from September 22nd to October 1st.  The best part - it's all about buying, supporting and promoting local beers and breweries.

If you want beer related events, you'll find them in the following 10 days.  From pub crawls to tastings, they've got them all listed for you in the official Beer Week Book.

We have some incredible breweries here in Western New York and for them to stick around, they need your support.  This is the perfect opportunity to spend here so your money stays here.

Find more on social media using #BuffaloBeerWeek.

Find a new favorite this week...even if it takes you 10 days to be sure.

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