The Buffalo Bills have a huge fanbase. It's not just here in Western New York, where fans treat the team like the most important thing in life, it's everywhere across the country and even around the world.

There are Buffalo transplants everywhere in the United States; people who moved away for personal or professional reasons but still follow and root for the Bills. There's also fans who just grew up loving the team and fanbase but have no personal connection to Buffalo. Whatever the reason, the Bills fanbase is huge.

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So that's why it's such a surprise when you see a stat such as this.

According to data by the NFL on FOX, these 10 teams drew the most crowds in 2021, using both home and away attendance.

The Bills did not rank in the top 10.

According to Michael Wooten of WGRZ, the Bills ranked 11th. They were first in away attendance but 21st in home attendance (94.7 percent).

Who you play on the road has a lot to do with this, which hurts some teams (no Dallas Cowboys in the top 10 is shocking as well), but as for the Bills home attendance, they had that monsoon game against the Houston Texans last October and they typically have a few empty seats for that home game before Christmas, which seems to happen every December.

I don't believe this shows who has the best fans but rather, a fair glimpse into certain variables in to attendance.

We will see where the Bills rank next season?

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