The Buffalo Bills have been the talk of the NFL the last 48 hours, after they extended star wide receiver Stefon Diggs through the 2027 season.

The extension is for 4 years and $104 million. $70 million guaranteed. This means the Bills will have both Diggs and Josh Allen locked up for at least the next six seasons.

If you remember back in March, the Bills re-signed wide receiver/kick returner Isaiah McKenzie to a 2-year contract.

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Diggs joked and said that McKenzie owes him $200,000.

You might have thought Diggs would let that go, but he still says that McKenzie owes him $200,000…

McKenzie took to Twitter to let Diggs know that he doesn’t have that money anymore, and it’s because of New York State taxes.


It’s a joke, but let’s be real here, there’s a whole lot of truth to what McKenzie said here.

Many fans responded by saying that McKenzie was helping to pay for the new stadium, which roughly $850,000 of public money will be used to build the $1.4 billion open-air stadium in Orchard Park.

I love that Diggs is keeping this $200,000 debt alive. I expect to hear about it a few months from now when the Bills get back to training camp for the 2022 regular season.

Yes, the Bills players will also technically help pay for the new stadium. With taxpayer dollars.

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