It was the most fun Buffalo Bills fans have had in their entire life -- certainly for Bills fans my age in their 20's or 30's, who missed out on the Super Bowl teams of the early '90s.

The Bills absolutely destroyed the New England Patriots at Highmark Stadium, by a score of 47-17. The score wasn't even as close as that.

The man of the night was Bills quarterback, Josh Allen.

Allen's had some amazing games in the last two seasons, but he had his best performance in the NFL on Sunday. Josh went 21/25 for over 300 yards and 5 touchdown passes. He also added in 66 yards rushing.

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Allen and the Bills were so good on offense, they did something that no team in NFL history has ever done. Taking away the kneel-downs at the end of the game, the Bills scored a touchdown on all seven possessions against the Patriots. They also didn't once have a 4th down and didn't punt or attempt a field goal.

The Bills literally played the first perfect game on offense, ever in the NFL.

The Bills took out 20 years of aggression on Saturday night. That's what it felt like to me and any other Bills fan who grew up during the drought.

It was clear that New England wasn't event remotely in the same ballpark for talent, and the Bills might have saved some of their playbook for the postseason.

There's also zero reason to believe Josh Allen is not a top 3-4 quarterback in the NFL and he's one of the best players, period. The Patriots had zero answer for Allen in this game.

The Bills now wait to see who they play next weekend in the divisional round. If the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night, the Bills will travel to Arrowhead Stadium. If the Steelers win (which would be an upset), the Bills will host the Cincinnati Bengals.

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