Lays has launched a new series of potato chips that have a very special connection with NFL teams including the Buffalo Bills.

The new "Golden Ground" series of chips were made using potatoes that were grown in the dirt that was mixed together with dirt from different NFL stadiums.

You won't be able to buy these special chips in the store. The only way to get a bag is to win them on Twitter.

So how did Lays make the chips? They went and teamed up with all the teams in the NFL and asked each grounds crew to send them bags of dirt from their home field.

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After getting the dirt to their potato farms in Texas, Lays mixed in the dirt from each team in special fields so that the potatoes grown in those fields would be linked to a certain NFL team.

After they harvested the potatoes, they sliced, fried, and seasoned the chips. Then they packaged them in special NFL team bags. Now you have a chance to win the chips on the Lays Twitter page.

You have until January 25th to sign up to win a bag of these Bills chips. You can get all the details on how you can win HERE.

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