Buffalo is on the rise.  It seems like every list you look at that says "Best City To ____," Buffalo is on it.  This one has to do with our drinking habits.

The list is from Thrillist and the category is "The Best Drinking Neighborhoods In The Country."  So we aren't talking about full cities on this one.  Just those quaint little neighborhoods in those cities.

How could we have missed this list?  We've got multiple places in and around the city of Buffalo where people flock for their favorite craft brew or spirit.  But the one that stood out to the people at Thrillist was Allentown.

My favorite line in the description of Allentown said this:

Wait out the winter, friend, then get yourself to Buffalo. Specifically to Allentown, a neighborhood that will dismantle your misconceptions of this city.

While I feel like many people have misconceptions of Buffalo, I don't ever feel that way.  But then again, this is my city.  This is where I've been raised and this is my home.

It's nice to be recognized nationally as a place where you can have "an imbibing experience that you couldn't quite be having anyplace else."



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