Buffalo is awesome.  There is so much to love here.  Those are two sentences that very few people say with a straight face.  But suddenly, Buffalo is starting to turn some heads.

Go just about anywhere in the US and unless the people you are talking to are from Buffalo, chances are they won't have much good to say about our city.

This is why I'm glad that at least one writer had an open mind about coming here to see what we have to offer.  The crazy thing is that once he got here, he loved it!  He actually named it "America's most underrated city to spend a weekend."

His name is Matt Meltzer from Thrillist and these are the things people said to him when he told them he was coming here to check out the city:

“Buffalo??! Man, ain’t **** to do up there...at least Toronto is only like an hour away.”

In order to get the full chest-pumping pride you need to read the entire article.  But I thought he said it best in this paragraph:

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