Within the last year you've been hearing more and more about the "food trucks" rolling around the city of Buffalo.  I have friends who have eaten food from them and swear the stuff is amazing! Is it the novelty?...or is in in the exhaust fumes?   LOL....kidding..kidding . I have one friend (we'll call him "the flash") who is so heavily into these food trucks that he follows them on Twitter so he can stop at a location where one has stopped to serve.  I had the opportunity to try food from one at Buffalo's Winterfest, but was too busy working my tail off for WYRK  :(   I heard the brisket stew from one of the trucks is the bomb!!!

According to recommendations from friends and co-workers, here are the trucks to check out....

Lloyd's Taco Truck- the first and best....so they say

The Whole Hog Truck- sounds great!

The Roaming Buffalo- perfect name!


For those who have tried food from the trucks....Are you a fan? TAKE OUR POLL