Move over Park Place, here comes Elmwood Avenue.

Monopoly is getting the Buffalo treatment, but game-makers need your input.

WIVB reports that Monopoly creators are soliciting suggestions from Western New Yorkers for a Buffalo version of the game.

Top Trumps USA Inc, via Hasbro, manufactures Monopoly, and they are seeking contributions for the game's famous locales and the Chance and Community Chest cards.

According to WIVB, the toy company is looking for a total of 34 suggestions to fill in the Monopoly board.

The company is taking suggestions via email. To send yours in, you have to submit them by May 28.

Suggestions should be emailed to

Of course we expect to see major landmarks represented, like Canalside, Key Bank Center and the Peace Bridge.

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The company is also looking for suggestions for their Chance and Community Chest cards.

Can't you just picture it, you draw a Chance card during a game of Buffalo Monopoly:

"Visit Shark Girl, if you pass Go collect $200"

"Your friends skipped out on the Bar Bill tab, Go to Jail"

"First Place in the Wing Eating Competition, Collect $50"

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