Buffalo LOVES football.  Even when our team isn't in the game, Bills Mafia makes sure to show up for it.  Now there are numbers to prove it.

Buffalo has been dreaming of a Super Bowl appearance again for years.  To have their team in the spotlight as one of the best in the league and have the opportunity to show it to the world would be a dream come true.

This year, we thought we were close but ended up getting shut out again thanks to the Kansas City Chiefs with just :13 seconds left on the clock.  But that didn't stop us from watching anyway.

If you saw a report that said Cincinnati was the market that had the highest ratings for the Super Bowl, it's only partially true.  Cincinnati did have the highest ratings of the top 44 markets.  In other words, in cities with large populations, they had the highest ratings.  However, when you expand that search a little more and include markets that are a little smaller (like Buffalo) you'll find out that our fans are the biggest diehards in the country.

According to NBC, the actual markets with the highest ratings were:

  • Buffalo (47.9)
  • Dayton (46.9)
  • New Orleans (46.3)
  • Cincinnati (46.1)
  • Detroit (45.9)
  • Pittsburgh (45.6)
  • Columbus (45.4)
  • Kansas City (44.6)
  • Milwaukee (44.0)
  • Cleveland (44.0)

There were over 112 million people watching the Rams and the Bengals battle it out at the Super Bowl...and Buffalo was the city that had the most people glued to their screens because we just love football.  L.A. wasn't even in the top 10!

Now imagine how many people would be watching if it was our Bills on that field...

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