Earlier this week Buffalo made the Forbes ‘most dangerous cities’ list so it’s only fitting that we bounce back from that only to be included in the twenty best cities for Trick or Treating.  I should point out that technically the city of Buffalo wasn’t mentioned but instead five neighborhoods in Western New York such as Albright, North Park, North Delaware, Starin Central and Parkside made the list.  Overall, these neighborhoods ranked number seventeen out of twenty across the country.

Zillow has compiled this list the last four years ranking the top twenty cities to the best Halloween loot and the top five neighborhoods within each of them.  Hey this is important information for all the little ghosts and goblins that are planning their Trick or Treat strategy for safety and to get the most and best candy in Western New York.

1. Albright -- Elmwood Avenue to the west, Delaware Avenue to the east, the Scajaquada Expressway to the north and Lafayette Avenue to the south.

2. North Park -- between Delaware and Starin Avenues,

Kenmore Avenue to the north and Linden Avenue to the south.

3. North Delaware -- between Elmwood and Delaware Avenues, Kenmore Avenue to the north and Linden Avenue to the south.

4. Starin Central -- between Starin Avenue and Shoshone Park..

5. Parkside -- the area east of the zoo and Delaware Park, east of Parkside Avenue, north of Kensington Avenue.