Buffalo, New York was named one of the best cities in the entire country for something we had no idea even existed, and let’s just say we have some questions. 

We already know that Buffalo is a big-time sports town. Football and hockey reign supreme here, and the downtown baseball stadium is a popular spot in the summer.

Recreational sports are also in-demand here. Take a drive past Delaware Park on a nice summer day and you’ll see hundreds of locals jogging, playing tennis or pickup basketball, along with tons of other outdoor activities.

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But apparently, Buffalo is also a hot spot for one particular (and definitely unique) summertime sport, and we can honestly say we had no idea.

Buffalo, New York Is One Of The Best Cities For Naked Bike Riding

You read that right.

Apparently, our fair “City of Good Neighbors” is also a city full of two-wheeled naked ones.


LawnStarter analyzed the 200 biggest U.S. cities, and broke down how “naked bike”-friendly they are based on five categories:

  • Local interest in nude cycling
  • Bikeability/Cyclist Friendliness
  • Nudity Laws
  • Biking Safety
  • Climate

Apparently, even though Buffalo doesn’t rank very high in the “climate” category (nude biking in a blizzard? No thank you), we still did well enough in the other metrics to land a spot at #12, second only to New York City in the entire Empire State.

Naked woman riding bike

Wait a minute - is this for real?

Buffalo Has An Annual Naked Bike Ride

It sure is! Buffalo hosts an opportunity to bike in the buff every year (this year it was on July 22nd) as a part of the World Naked Bike Ride. Lots of cities across the US participate, as a protest to address climate change and censorship, among other things. 

Naked bike ride group

Even though some of us may raise an eyebrow at this quirky summer sport, you’ve got to admit these naked cyclists deserve some props. Sitting on a bicycle seat isn’t the most comfortable as it is - and they manage to do it sans-clothing? That’s impressive.

We just hope they’re wearing a helmet, even if they’re not wearing anything else!

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