Buffalo is at it again and this time it's for a weekend getaway! Buffalo is no longer a city you just pass through, it's the city you pass other cities to get to. In an article from Thrillist, the author, Matt Meltzer, explains why he finalized realized why Buffalo is so special...it's because it feel like Buffalo. Not another city, just Buffalo. That's why he said Buffalo was the "America's Most Underrated City To Spend A Weekend".

From the food to the views, Meltzer goes about the uniqueness of the city and why it's so underrated,

"You will party harder, eat better, and make more new friends in a weekend, all for less money, than anywhere else in America."

Not only is Buffalo the fun choice, it's also the economical choice! With top of the line hotels, museums and attractions. Buffalo really is a hidden treasure that is slowly becoming less hidden.

You can read the full article and review on Thrillist, Meltzer even touches on who has the best wings. The point is another person, from another publication is writing about Buffalo and that is huge. Buffalo is consistently making lists that involve growth, innovation and most of all travel. It's safe to say that the nation is finally seeing what Buffalonians have known all along.

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