Travel + Leisure Magazine has released a list of America's Favorite Underrated Cities. Not only did Buffalo make the list, Buffalo fell into the third spot! This is amongst cities like Boston, Chicago and San Francisco. So why did Buffalo make the list? According to Travel + Leisure,

"The upstate New York city has developed a vibrant arts scene, ramped up its festival calendar, become a leading craft beer producer, and perfected the pizza pie (the local variety is something of a mix between New York thin-crust and Chicago deep dish). "

Not too shabby! Travel + Leisure also noted Buffalo's welcoming attitude and noted that their readers rank Buffalo high for friendliness. Buffalo continues to make a name for themselves after once being cast a "has been" city.

So what other cities made the list? Check out the top ten:

10- Albuquerque, New Mexico

9- Boston, Massachusetts

8- Chicago, Illinois

7- San Francisco, California

6- New Orleans, Louisiana

5- Charleston, South Carolina

4- Indianapolis, Indiana

3- Buffalo, New York

2- Nashville, Tennessee

1- Providence, Rhode Island

It's undoubtably an impressive list to be a part of and seeing the growth from within Buffalo might not be as noticeable as seeing it from outside. However, the fact that Buffalo keeps making these types of list is no fluke!


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