Our cell phones have become an essential part of our daily lives. We use it for almost everything - scheduling, making lists, social media, making online purchases…and sure, even to make an actual call once in a while. 

But do we all know how to use our phones in public places without annoying the people around us?

There are a ton of unspoken “cell phone etiquette” rules out there. Even Emily Post, the guru of all things etiquette and manners, has chimed in on the matter. 

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Of course, we’re all guilty of committing an annoying etiquette fail by being obnoxious on our phones in public. But call us hypocrites - that doesn’t make someone else doing something stupid on their cell any less infuriating.

July Is National Cell Phone Courtesy Month

It’s not an ”official” holiday, but a lot of us believe that it should be - and are encouraging their fellow phone users to evaluate their annoying cell phone habits and pay more attention to the people around them.

Groom talking on phone in front of bride

We asked fellow Western New Yorkers which public cell phone habits drive them nuts, and woah - they did not hold back. 

From speaker phone to silent mode, to not looking up to not looking at it, every Buffalo cell phone user has at least one thing that irks them about the way others use their phones. 

In the end, though, we all have one thing in common: We might hate what cell phones have done to society, but we still can’t live without them. 

Here are some annoying cell phone habits here in Buffalo that drive us absolutely insane.

Western New York Cell Phone Habits That Drive Us Crazy

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