The Buffalo Sabres gave us a little tease of what their third jersey for the 2022 season will look like, and fans from the 90s are going to love it.

It's interesting that traditionally, jerseys are called sweaters in the NHL, but when the Sabres referred to their new design, they called it a jersey. the NHL, teams are allowed to have a home jersey, an away jersey, and a third (alternate) jersey.

While the Sabres didn't give it away entirely, they gave fans a huge tease on social media today.  It's been a rumor for awhile now, but as of today, it looks as though they've taken a step closer to bringing back "The Goat Head" jersey.


We are going to have to wait until November to see what it will actually look like, but it looks like not only will the black and red be coming back for a few will the goat head.

It was a drastic change from what Sabres fans had become accustomed to when they changed the color scheme completely in the 90s from the blue and gold to black and red.  They changed from the buffalo with sabres around it to the goat head.

Some loved it...some hated it.  But at least it wasn't the slug that they moved to after the goat head.

We've got the dates that they'll be wearing it too.  Look for the new jerseys on these dates:

November 23rd vs. STL Blues (90's Night)

December 4th vs. SJS Sharks

December 13th vs. LAK Golden Knights

December 23rd vs. TBL Lightning

December 29th vs. DET Red Wings

January 7th vs. MIN Wild

January 21st vs. ANA Mighty Ducks

February 26th vs. WSH Capitals

March 4th vs. PHI Flyers

March 11th vs. NYR Rangers

March 24th vs. NJD Devils

April 13th vs. OTT Senators

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