It is an ongoing problem that seems to be invading the south towns! What to do with all the deer?

According to WGRZ, the Village of Orchard Park has seen an increase in the amount of car vs. deer accidents and village officials are trying to come up with an inexpensive solution.

This reminds me of the same scenario in Amherst from a few years ago.The deer became so numerous that the controversial "bait and shoot" program was used. Sharp shooters from law enforcement were used to kill deer and try to reduce the population.

If you drive through Orchard Park or many of the villages south of Buffalo these days, there is a good chance you will see deer wandering. DEC suggest that residents try to limit the amount of attractive vegetation around their homes and even keep bird feeders to a minimum.

The idea of using some sort of deer contraceptive is also an option. However, it is pricey.


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