Residents from all over Buffalo have complained for years about cars speeding through residential neighborhoods and The City of Buffalo has begun enacting a new program to do something about it.

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Back in 2020, the City of Buffalo created the Slow Streets Program that allows city residents to contact the City of Buffalo's Department of Public Works, Parks & Streets to request speed and traffic calming measures. Those measures can include street pole-mounted radar detectors, speed humps and bumps, and more.

Over the last couple of years, municipal workers have received re4quests from residents, businesses, and block clubs and then have gone from neighborhood to neighborhood installing the different measures on streets throughout the city.

Officials had since installed all of the measures that were agreed upon in 2021 and have started to work on the streets for 2022. If you are curious about what streets have been impacted, the Department of Public Works, Parks & Streets produces a map that shows what streets have been completed and which streets remain pending. In total, dozens of City streets now have traffic calming measures.

City of Buffalo Department of Public Works, Parks & Streets
City of Buffalo Department of Public Works, Parks & Streets

If you're interested in having some speed calming measures installed on your street, you can contact the City of Buffalo here to add your street to the list for next year, 2023, because the application has officially opened.

The 2023 Application for Slow Streets Program is officially opened! The Slow Streets Program aims to reduce speeding on residential streets in the City of Buffalo by installing permanent traffic calming measures like speed humps.
-Bryan Bollman, Buffalo Common Council Member for the Lovejoy District

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