If you were hoping to watch Major League Baseball in Buffalo this year, hopefully you were on your game.  The tickets sold out in just hours.

Is there a better sports city in the world than Buffalo?  We love our sports teams...even when they aren't technically our sports teams.

The Toronto Blue Jays will be calling Buffalo home once again this summer for the next couple weeks, but this year, fans are going to actually be able to go to the games.  Well...some fans are.

The capacity of the stadium is being split between vaccinated and unvaccinated fans and it will affect the number of people allowed into the games.  As it stands right now, with a full capacity of around 16,600 seats, they're going to allow about 35% into the stadium.  That's only around 5,800 tickets that are available for the first 8 games here.

That number of tickets seemed to disappear faster than a new flavor of donut at Paula's Donuts.

The tickets went on sale for Buffalo Bison's season ticket holders first on Tuesday and then to the rest of the general public today at around 10 a.m.  Within hours, they were all gone.

All hope isn't lost though.  That's just the first couple games of the summer.  The next set of games will go on sale on June 8th (once again to season ticket holders first) then on June 10th to the rest of the general public.  If you were one of the unlucky people who were trying to get tickets today and missed out, according to WIVB, officials with the Bisons are encouraging people to keep checking their website for ticket holds that are often released as the games approach.


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