A recent study done by Wallethub determined that when it comes to pets, Buffalo isn't doing too great in the "pet friendly" department.

As a matter of fact, of the 100 cities that were studied, Buffalo, NY came in at 97.

Now, before we get upset about it, what were they looking at that determined we are one of the least pet friendly cities in the country?

The rankings were based on 24 different factors including vet costs . . . dog-friendly restaurants . . . pet supply stores . . . animal shelters per capita . . . how many rentals allow pets . . . animal protection laws . . . dog parks . . . and weather.

Buffalo ranked 91st in "Pet Health and Wellness" and also 91 in "Outdoor Pet Friendliness."

Now it's easy to look outside in the summer and say that we should rank much higher in outdoor pet friendliness but lets be honest with ourselves...outside of summer, late spring, and early fall, outdoors for pets in Buffalo probably isn't the best.

Cities that ranked the highest in the study were much warmer cities...like much warmer:  Scottsdale, Arizona . . . Orlando, Florida . . . Tampa, Florida . . . Austin, Texas . . . Phoenix . . . Las Vegas . . . Atlanta . . . St. Louis . . . Seattle . . . and Portland, Oregon.

We can't control the weather, but some of those other things, we can do better.  I've already seen more restaurants becoming more pet friendly...what other category should we tackle?


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