You can watch Olympians "Go for the Gold" while reaching for the gold at Buffalo Wild Wings! According to Delish, this month they will be offering GOLD WINGS in celebration of the games!

So while they have all the Olympic sports on their TV's if you ask them to  "Bling Your Wings" they're going to sprinkle them with gold for FREE! No worries, it's not real gold it's actually just a sugar topping that tastes like nothing but the visual is going to be awesome!

I had no clue that the Hamburg location had close, so now if you want to get these golden wings you're gonna have to head to the Northtowns. If you do grab some Golden Wings make sure you tag us in your obligatory social media post! We want to see them!

Buffalo Wild Wings WNY Locations

1620 Niagara Falls Blvd.
Tonawanda, NY

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